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This is why I'm trying to get organized...for my family. I am a strong believer in family meal time, but I know that without a little planning, it will be hard to keep us all together. It will also be easier to spend money foolishly on prepared foods or fast food. I love trying out new recipes, so this is my site to pass on recipes, while also organizing them into a meal plan. I hope it helps you to keep your family together. I would love to hear what others are having for dinner, or see a new recipe or two! Feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments least then I would know someone is reading this!

It's not gourmet...just good food!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Menu 2/13- 2/19

(S) Vegetable Soup: Saturday feels like a good day to have a big pot of soup going. Plus, roasts and stew meat are on sale at Giant this week.
(Su) Valentine's Day: Make something special for your sweetie...or if you're really lucky, go out!
(M) Pepperoni Chicken: Chicken is on sale at Giant $1.89/lb! Cheapest I've seen in awhile! Pepperoni is $2.62 + 0.55 coupon (on the package) at Walmart. Plus, Walmart's generic pizza sauce is awesome!
(T) Ham Loaf: using the ham loaf mixture that I bought on sale a couple of weeks ago. If you didn't get the ham loaf or don't like it, substitute a meatloaf for tonight's meal.
(W) Grilled Cheese: Just felt like something easy tonight!
(Th) Leftovers: All of us can find at least one meal using leftovers in the fridge or with stuff that's been hiding in the pantry.
(F) Steak-Um Sandwiches and Tater Tots

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