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This is why I'm trying to get organized...for my family. I am a strong believer in family meal time, but I know that without a little planning, it will be hard to keep us all together. It will also be easier to spend money foolishly on prepared foods or fast food. I love trying out new recipes, so this is my site to pass on recipes, while also organizing them into a meal plan. I hope it helps you to keep your family together. I would love to hear what others are having for dinner, or see a new recipe or two! Feel free to leave me some feedback in the comments least then I would know someone is reading this!

It's not gourmet...just good food!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Menu 3/13-3/19

Here are my suggestions for meals this week, using the sales from Giant/Martins. There seems to be a lot of good bargains this week, so hopefully we can stay within our food budget!

3/13 BLT sandwiches, pasta salad. Bacon is BOGO this week. We'll use both packages for two different nights this week. A box of pasta salad (we like Suddenly Salad) usually runs about $1.50/box, but it might be cheaper at Walmart.

3/14 Roasted Chicken in the crockpot. Didn't see a specific deal on whole chickens, but they are usually pretty cheap, and can be used for two recipes this week. This one is done in the crockpot, so you can put it in there and go outside and enjoy the weather for the rest of the day!

3/15 Chili Corn Dog Casserole. If you like chili dogs or corndogs, you'll like this easy casserole. I've made it several times, and we all really like it. Hot dogs are also BOGO this week. Kraft shredded Cheese is 2/$4.00 with the coupon from the sales flyer. Boxes of cornbread mix are usually less than a dollar.

3/16 Chicken Comfort Soup. This is a yummy recipe from our church cookbook. You can use the leftover chicken from Sunday's dinner, or use canned chicken (on sale for 2/$5.00).

3/17 Leftovers.

3/18 Taco Stuffed Shells. Another Taste of Home recipe that we love!! The kids gobble this down, plus it makes enough for 2 casseroles (one to eat, one to freeze!). Cream cheese is $1/box, shredded cheese is 2/$4.oo with flyer coupon, and there is also a flyer coupon for free salsa with purchase of two bags of tortilla chips. You will need all of these for the recipe.

3/19 Breakfast for Supper. Need to do some recipe research, but we will probably do a stuffed french toast casserole and serve it with the bacon from this weeks BOGO sale.

I will try to get all the recipes posted earlier this week! Sorry I keep falling behind!

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